We carry out electrostatic field painting , in the color set by the customer, with polymerization in an electric oven. The oven dimensions are:

Lenght 3400mm

Width 1300mm

Height 1900mm

We carry out alkaline, non-cyanuric galvanizing. The dimensions of our tanks are:

Lenght 2000mm

Width 600mm

Height 800mm,

And while ganvanizing inside a roller the dimesions are: 

Diameter 400mm

Lenght 1800mm

We perform various metal constructions by welding with covered electrodes, Mig Mag and Wig.

We perform guillotine cutting 5x2000mm and cold pressing (punching, bending) on eccentric presses between 5-40 tones of force. We have the possibility of self-directed execution of the necessary pressing tools.